Truck Accident
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An accident upsets the calmest person, especially if you think the accident was your fault. Unexpectedly, it throws you into upsetting mental and physical unease and a lot of guilt. You question yourself and go over and over every facet, trying to reason it out.

If you are not feeling any injury, that doesn’t mean there is no physical damage. People do not feel physical damage directly after an accident all the time. You have to seek a medical opinion immediately if you feel any pain or discomfort at all.

Immediate Help

A Rochester truck accident lawyer works on contingency fees, and therefore you will see no out-of-pocket expenses. He is paid when he wins the case for you. That makes him diligent, working for you 24 hours a day, often being a better detective than the police, uncovering all the evidence and some you might not have thought to find.

You have to find an attorney to represent you. Your attorney will take over worry about the case and start to guide you through the process. It will help you get some ease of mind. Someone is on your side. The Rochester truck accident lawyer will advise you not to talk to the opposite side’s attorneys and to get medical help if you even suspect a slight injury.

He will probe your every worry. He will be diligent about uncovering every piece of evidence, even some you don’t suspect exists.

Feeling Injured

It is understandable to feel injured and fearful after an accident. Will something cover the time you are off work? You don’t know, and this worries you. Your lawyer will fight to recover every single expense you have, loss of work included.

Large trucking companies can afford expensive lawyers that know how to twist the facts in their favor. Their job is to win the case also, and they may be unscrupulous in getting you to believe you are about to lose and therefore getting you to sign a settlement.

Get the Right Settlement

An attorney for the opposition may offer you a settlement high enough that you are about to sign and be done with waiting to conclude the case. Your attorney will advise you not to settle. If they are offering the settlement, they too want the case settled and know they are guilty. By offering you a settlement, they are offering less than they expect they will pay if the case goes further.

Hit by a Truck

You need an expert attorney to represent you. 18 wheelers weigh 20 times as much as a car. The chances of being hit by one and not injured are slim. Take enough time to really assess the duration of your injuries. Trucking companies can afford expensive and good lawyers that will be happy to get by without paying. They will attack their own driver and put the blame on him, and try to free the company or some other such trick.

It may cause an error of judgment on your part if the opposite side calls asking for information, worming it out of you skillfully. Let the lawyer handle this. He knows how.

The Guilty Party

The trucking company might not be liable for all. A large truck may have been loaded unsafely. There might be an issue with the truck itself that is not the problem of the trucking company. Or they may not have trained the driver properly or excused his past poor driving. They may have had him driving for too long, and he was too tired. Your attorney can find the problem, the cause of the accident, and go after the source.

To be successful at winning your claim, you must let your lawyer identify every single guilty party.


You were not hit by a car. You were hit by a truck. Any truck is heavier than a car and can do greater damage. The damages might not rest on the physical damage and loss of work. There is often emotional damage that changes the rest of your life. It may change your life. You need an attorney who will recognize this and know how to win your rightful compensation.


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