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How often do we see people remembering their high school teacher or a college professor for the particular habit they possessed that remains still fresh in your memory even after years of passing out from the institution? The answer will be ‘quite frequently’ because that is the reality. For instance, we remember some of our teachers for being too lenient or some for being too strict in the class or some who had an amazing dressing style. The unique quality of their persona is what makes them different from others and thereby allows them to leave an everlasting imprint on our minds. Some people have such a charismatic personality that people, known or unknown, get attracted to them quite easily. Our teachers are the ones who play an unprecedentedly important role in our life right after our family. The impact of a teacher on a student’s life is undeniable and cannot be overlooked as it paves the way for their successful future. 

Starting from kindergarten, the relationship between a teacher and a student continues to grow and nurture within the school premises. A teacher is like a second family to a child as he helps him in developing intellectual knowledge, emotional skills, and societal formalities required for co-existence in the society we live in. The personality of a teacher is observed keenly by the students. They then try to incorporate their favorite teacher’s habits into their own personality. Young children are like clay. They can be easily molded into any form by the elders and teachers. Parents and teachers are like role models for the young minds who try to find a ‘Hero’ in them. They look up to their parents at home and teachers at school as an inspiration whom they love to follow or imitate. When they see their teacher shouting at a student for giving a wrong answer, they might get scared from them. The impact can be so strong that they might never dare to answer any question asked to them in future. 

The overall personality of a person depends heavily on his habits, beliefs, and policies followed by him in his everyday life. As a teacher one has to connect to students on a personal level for enhancing the teaching-learning experience. This requires a lot of effort on the part of the teacher. They are expected to possess certain characteristic features in their personality for student management in class. The pointers here will help you learn about some effective measures that can help teachers to enhance their work easily, have a look:

What makes your teaching more effective?

1. Let Students Speak

The process to seek feedback from students about it your teaching strategies can be an effective way to upgrade your skills. It is tan micro teaching to be interactive with students. As students are the real receptors in the class, it is fair to collect their response. Teachers can adopt Classroom Assessments Techniques or CAT to record the feedback from students. This can be done right after the period or towards the ending of the session. The students are given a list of questions that try to analyze the student’s learning experience. This helps the teacher to understand the problems of the students well. 

2. Keep Learning

There is no age to learn a new skill, seek more knowledge, or invest in your self-improvement. When it comes to teaching, it is important for a teacher to keep himself updated to the latest trends. For instance, the present time requires teachers to be well-acquainted to teaching using online tools, LMS technology, and AI. It is important for teachers to continuously reassess the educational channels available to them so as to suit the students’ requirements. 

3. Follow Structured Protocol

The school authorities should behave considerately towards the staff. They should not overburden the teachers with work and responsibilities as this is likely to affect their efficiency. For enhancing teachers’ efficiency, schools should follow a structured program wherein teachers are given ample opportunities to grow their skills. Regular training sessions, guidance and interaction from staff members, and adequate teacher-student ratio can help to improve the working of a teacher. The teaching staff should be given sufficient freedom to work independently so that they can show their capabilities and earn rewards for their work. 


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