How to Install And Use Whatsapp On The Device Which Does Not Have a Play Store


There are lots of smartphones with a great collection of the best accessories. But all of these accessories have different methods of use. The installation process is also very different. You can install it very easily.

Rather than this, you can also have the very accurate and finest wireless bluetooth earbuds by different companies. You can have these earbuds to enjoy music freely. These earbuds contain lots of features and functionalities that you can avail yourself easily.

In this article, we are going to talk about how to install WhatsApp, the most popular instant messaging app on your smartphone. you can install this smart app very instantly in just a few minutes. Let’s check out.

First Step

  • Or the installation of WhatsApp on the Phone smartphone you have to click on the play store in the smartphone.
  • If the play store is not installed go to the app gallery and first install the play store.
  • The play store is not available on this smartphone because it does not support google and its services to use petal search or app gallery for this purpose.

Second Step

  • Open up the play store and click on the upper search bar.
  • Type WhatsApp on that search bar.
  • Click on search or Go

Third Step

  • Here are lots of suggestions related to the WhatsApp app will appers.
  • These suggestions include Whatsapp, WhatsApp business and WhatsApp GB.
  • Click on the  WhatsApp messenger

Fourth Step

  • In this step make sure that you have selected the legitimate version of WhatsApp.
  • If you have a company business number you can also install the WhatsApp business.
  • Now click on the install or Get to install this app into your  Phone smartphone.
  • Also, make sure that your device is fully connected to a wifi network

Fifth Step

  • Once WhatsApp has been installed on your smartphone, open up this app by clicking on Open.
  • To make this app visible on the home screen drag the icon to the screen until you find it right.
  • Now open the whats app from your home screen

Sixth Step

  • In this step, you will get information that how can you use it on your  Phone smartphone.
  • First click on the agree and continue. By doing this you agreed to the terms and conditions of WhatsApp

Seventh Step

  •  You have to enter your number.
  • Must check the country prefix.
  • You will receive a message on your Simcard in the form of a code.
  • Whatsapp will automatically scan that code if it is not then you have to enter that code. 
  • Press net or ok

Eight  Step

  • Now enter the user name that you wish to appear on your contact.
  • You can also upload your picture to be recognized.

Nine Step

  • Now press continues and there you are done.
  • Search your contact that had WhatsApp and had a great talk with them


In this article, we discuss how you can install WhatsApp the instant messaging app on your smartphone  Phone smartphone. Although it doesn’t have google service still by using this method you can install different apps on it.


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