How to Keep Your Business Streaming Ahead of the Pack


There are many different things that you can do to increase your conversion rate. The first thing that I recommend is to optimize the website for mobile devices. Because more people are using their phones or tablets to surf the internet. If you have a responsive website, then this should be easy to implement! Second, if your company sells products online then you will need an ecommerce solution. So customers can easily checkout without having to contact customer service. Third, create content on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter about what your business does and how it can help potential clients in their time of need! This way they will know about your company before they even come across it while browsing online.

Video Streaming Protocols - An Introduction | Kaltura

How many people are actually using video content as part of their strategy now?

Not very many, but there sure should be more than there already are because this is one way for businesses to level up quickly with social media videos currently outranking written articles when it comes down to how much traffic they bring through websites or blogs recently so why not use them?!

Video content is fantastic for How-To Videos.

They are great for educating your consumers on how you can help them with their problem  allowing them to get what they need quickly and easily! How-to videos also allow you to showcase some of your products or services, without necessarily having people come into the store (which would require additional resources). Here are some tips on how to make How-To Videos work for you:

Keep it short and sweet

The more concise that information is in the video, the better results that video will garner. People’s attention spans online tend not to be as long as offline so the shorter the How-To Video, the better it will be received.

How to Use Testimonials to Your Advantage!

When you have a good product or service that people love , use those testimonials as an asset for your How-To Videos. The more happy customers you can showcase in your How-to videos, the more likely someone else is going to get their own needs met by coming into contact with your business  and getting what they need !!

Make sure that when you are producing these make them easily shareable by putting links within each video so all of your viewers who like, comment on or subscribe to one of these videos can take advantage of sharing it to their own social media platforms.

And last, but not least…don’t forget to enjoy yourself !

When you are having fun people will be able to tell and it is infectious. People like doing business with other happy people! I hope this How-To blog post has helped get your creative juices flowing on how YOU can use How-to Videos for YOUR own business . Go ahead. Get started now !!

How often should I blog for my business?

Two times per week is our suggested minimum . But it’s worth remembering that this number may be higher depending on what kind of content you decide to post about (for example if there’s lots of research involved in writing one piece then maybe aim for less frequent posts). You also need to remember that blogging takes time. So make sure you set enough hours aside each day/week to write your blog post.

How do you set up a great blog?

Blogging is one of the best ways for companies to engage with their audience and keep them coming back for more content, provided they’re doing it right. How often should I blog for my business? How can I create engaging content that isn’t boring or spammy? What kind of statistics do analytics track about readership patterns on different devices like mobiles, tablets or laptops too? There are lots of questions that come into mind when starting a new project but we have answers! Social media articles offer social proof as well as being useful resources in themselves. So use them wherever possible throughout your website.

How does a local newspaper know how many people are reading?

That’s exactly the question we were asking in our quest to streamline all of our marketing efforts. We thought it would be great for us, or any small business owner, to have a tool that could help answer these questions with ease!


Companies today are utilizing different types of marketing tools from live webinars and eBooks to blog posts and social media marketing.

Businesses that want to stay in front of their competitors need a strong digital presence. This is achieved by combining different types of business tools into an effective strategy with one goal in mind: customer retention.

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