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This year we’re celebrating the 100th year of the i news telugu newspaper. It is one of the oldest newspapers in the country, and there is a lot of history to go through before the print edition goes digital. With over a century of history, we will be celebrating this landmark event year round.

The main reason we decided to celebrate this year is to show you the first steps in our creation process.

We have a few big announcements to share in the coming weeks, but today we want to show off some of our newest features. Today we are making some changes to the way you can “subscribe” to articles, and we’re also opening up the full i news website to you.

We are adding a new feature which looks like a new interface in our new interface, called Signup. The feature is pretty simple, and we’ll share it in the next post. This new feature can be used to create an RSS feed or a text feed. It’s also used to send you new articles and videos from our site. You can subscribe to any article you like, and it will be easier to find your feed at any time.


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