Bada78 is a two player game that was invented by my siblings and I. It is a simple card game that incorporates an element of chance. The only skill required to play this unique card game is the ability to understand shapes, colors, and counting. We are confident these games will help you become more productive and less stressed in your day-to-day life by relieving you from any rough times in your work or school life. If you have tried to play other card games with your friends, we assure you that our game will be a change of pace for everyone else.

Why does the word ‘Refute’ appear on your cards?

We wanted to make sure that our game is as entertaining as it can be. Our friends often jokingly called our game ‘Refute’ instead of its name because it is short, memorable, and has a catchy tune to it. We are glad we have played this game with so many people over the years and have earned the title of ‘Bada78 Champion’.

How was your idea generated?

I frequently play other Card games with my siblings such as Settle the Score and Magnetron. I always wondered why my siblings would never want to put down their cards once they were done playing. I remembered how much I enjoyed playing our card game Tri-Cha-Quo, but it had some really obvious flaws that made the game less interesting. The good thing about this was that this gave me an idea; why not make a new kind of card game that was simple to learn yet still rewarding

Why was the slogan ‘Freaks and Geeks Card Game’ chosen?

I took a crazy person at face value. As a child, I had an imaginary friend that most of my friends could not see. He only existed in my mind and spoke through me, but when I would give him an order, he would always keep his word. The phrase ‘Freaks and Geeks’ was perfect for my imaginary friend because it describes exactly who he is – a weird but good-hearted individual. I have never experienced this kind of friendship with another person so it felt quite personal to put a name to my idea of making the game because the game is based on this concept.

Why was it decided to make the game with two decks?

I’ve always wanted to see a game where you could play cards against another player and they would have no way of knowing what the cards were. This was something that I’ve always wanted to experience, so we made the game so that players could not predict what cards the other player would choose to play.


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