Your Vehicle

Your vehicle is a cherished possession. It transports you and your family from place to place, giving you the mobility to live your life as easily as possible. Furthermore, your vehicle is a potential asset that you could earn a considerable sum of cash from if you leverage it in the correct manner. This article is about how you can use your vehicle to earn extra cash – finding jobs that require a driver to work flexibly from behind the wheel. 

Delivery Driver

There are several types of delivery driver in today’s modern economy. There are those who deliver food for the large food delivery companies. There are others who deliver packages – either from warehouses to doors or from shipping ports to stores. Finally, there are those who deliver from one company, getting a store’s goods to their customers as soon as possible – often within a single day. 

Each of these is an option for someone with a vehicle and an interest in making money from it. You could look to the likes of Shiply for shipping work in your area to get started. You might be interested in joining the food delivery revolution, which tends to mean working lunchtime or late-night shifts. You might even wish to speak to a large local store to see if they need a driver on a flexible or full-time basis. 


Using your vehicle as a cab used to be either illegal or unattractive. That’s all changed since the advent of ride-hailing apps such as Uber, which enable you to transform your family car into a cab, so long as you keep it clean and tidy for your customers. If you’re happy to work late nights, this can be a particularly lucrative job as you take revelers from place to place in a city center. 

While taxi driving can be testing, the likes of Uber allow you to choose when you go on-shift and when you switch off for the day. This means that you can work exactly when you want, on the jobs that are attractive to you. Because you have the power to select your lifts, you can decide when and where you drive in these jobs. 

Buying and Selling

Finally, if you’re a motor enthusiast with a special knowledge in vehicles and mechanics, it’s more than likely that you’ll be able to buy old cars, fix them up a little, and sell them for a tidy profit. While you’re doing this it’s perfectly possible for you to use the car for daily errands. You’ll just want to make sure that you’re making the vehicle appreciate in value, rather than depreciate. 

This method is only for people who are confident that they know how to fix a car on the cheap. If this is for you, you’ll be able to spot when a vehicle is in a state of mild disrepair, or when it’s being sold at a low price that you’ll be able to gain on when it comes time for you to put it on the market. 

Make cash out of your car or truck with the advice shared above.


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