Never Miss Important IT Projects with This Simple 3-Step Process


Many IT professionals find it difficult to stay on top of all the projects they have going on at any given time. As a project manager, you’re always juggling multiple responsibilities and deadlines – which might explain why so many important projects get missed! Never miss an important IT project with this 3-step process:

  • Create a list of all your current and future projects,
  • Prioritize these by importance, and
  • Share it with your team.

Step one: Create a plan.

Having all the necessary information and data is crucial to completing your project successfully, so make sure you get everything together before kicking off the work. That means planning out any timelines or deadlines to ensure that everyone involved knows what’s expected of them at which times throughout this process. It also means collecting relevant documents like purchase orders, tax forms (for purchases), insurance docs if anyone on the team needs it for their personal liability coverage in case there are damages during construction, etc., along with other typical paperwork needed to secure permits when applicable.

Step two: Choose an appropriate location 

Choose an appropriate location for housing your server closet or equivalent facility where equipment will be stored securely while not in use.

Step three: Get the right permits and legalities involved.

Never try to skirt around building codes, or you could end up having a serious issue on your hands if there’s an earthquake (for example) that causes some damage because you failed to follow certain rules meant to protect people from such situations. And don’t forget about all of those other forms and paperwork we mentioned earlier! Don’t make this process any more difficult than it needs to be be thorough and cover every base while moving forward through each step smoothly; otherwise, chances are good something will go wrong during one of these processes, which can set everything back by weeks or even months depending on just how bad the complications turn out to be.

Step four: Secure the necessary funding and manpower.

Never try to move forward without having both of these elements in place, or you’ll risk falling behind on your project timeline (if not worse). You definitely don’t want that, so make sure everything is ready before proceeding any further into this process! Some people prefer hiring a contractor for their construction projects while others choose to do it themselves; whatever route you decide is best for your team will depend largely on the size of the job at hand as well as how skilled everyone working together happens to be when it comes time to get down and dirty around construction sites doing laborious tasks like carrying heavy equipment from one place to another or installing it securely.

Step five: Get proper permits and licenses

Apply for the proper permits and licenses, per your location’s laws. Never try to cut corners here either just because you’re trying to save time it could end up being the most costly mistake of them all! We aren’t saying this process will always take a long time, but there is no guarantee that it won’t if any red flags pop up requiring more research on everyone’s part before moving forward further into this project. 

Don’t be discouraged by anything like that; simply go about things in an efficient manner while keeping communication lines open at all times between those involved and remember what we said earlier about applying for every legal permit and license that’s required prior to beginning your work! Never try to skip any of the steps we’ve mentioned here during this process; otherwise, you’re likely going to end up with a mess on your hands and some very upset clients because their projects were delayed as a result.

Step six: Get started 

Your hard work will pay off in more ways than one when it comes time for final inspections by local building officials who are there to ensure everything has been completed according to code and that no mistakes or oversights were made along the way without anyone noticing them before now (and causing issues). That’s why it’s so important not only to have all those legalities taken care of beforehand but also to use the right building materials and resources during this process! Never go with cheap substitutes just to save a buck or two when it comes time for choosing these items.

Step seven: Communication 

Keep up communication between all parties involved while waiting patiently (or not so much) for final approvals on your project before handing everything over to clients who will be moving in shortly afterward. Never let anything like that slip through the cracks; instead, follow each of these steps carefully from start to finish because good communication is key hereā€”it ensures you stay on top of important issues as they arise rather than letting them turn into huge problems down the road! Remember what we said about having clear lines of communication throughout every step of the project and between everyone involved? Never forget that because it’s important to keep things running smoothly throughout this process.

Step eight: Celebrate your success!

Never let a little thing like construction worry you; instead, focus on each of these steps as they come up along the way (and doing whatever is required) so you can work together successfully with all parties involved in order to complete projects without any issues arising from start to finish and enjoy some well-deserved rest when everything has been completed! Keeping those lines of communication open at all times too will ensure smooth sailing for every step leading up until final inspections are given before handing over keys giving access codes to clients who are moving in soon. Never worry about anything else because you’ll have done all that was required of you successfully here, and that’s nothing to be ashamed of!

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