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Odisha FC vs Mohun Bagan: Super Giant Player Ratings

With the Indian Super League Season 8 well underway, fans are eagerly following the Odisha FC vs Mohun Bagan match to see their favorite teams in action. The clash between these two powerhouses always promises excitement, skill, and intense competition. In this article, we will delve into the key player ratings for the Odisha FC vs Mohun Bagan match, highlighting standout performers and key moments from the game.

Team Formations:

Before we delve into the player ratings, let’s take a look at the team formations for the Odisha FC vs Mohun Bagan match.

Odisha FC Formation:

  • Formation: 4-2-3-1
  • Key Players: Marcelinho, Diego Mauricio, Jerry Mawihmingthanga
  • Tactics: Attacking play, quick transitions, and pressing high up the pitch

Mohun Bagan Formation:

  • Formation: 4-4-2
  • Key Players: Roy Krishna, David Williams, Liston Colaco
  • Tactics: Compact defending, quick counter-attacks, and exploiting spaces behind the defense

Player Ratings:

Now, let’s dive into the player ratings for the Odisha FC vs Mohun Bagan match:

1. Marcelinho (Odisha FC) – 9/10:
Marcelinho was instrumental in Odisha FC’s attacking play, providing assists and creating chances throughout the game. His vision and creativity were on full display.

2. Roy Krishna (Mohun Bagan) – 8.5/10:
Roy Krishna showcased his goal-scoring prowess once again, netting a crucial goal for Mohun Bagan. His movement off the ball troubled the Odisha FC defense.

3. Diego Mauricio (Odisha FC) – 8/10:
Diego Mauricio was a constant threat in the final third, using his pace and skill to stretch the Mohun Bagan defense. His link-up play with Marcelinho was a joy to watch.

4. Liston Colaco (Mohun Bagan) – 7.5/10:
Liston Colaco’s dynamic play on the wings caused problems for the Odisha FC full-backs. His speed and crossing ability added a new dimension to Mohun Bagan’s attack.

5. Bradden Inman (Odisha FC) – 7/10:
Bradden Inman put in a solid shift in midfield, breaking up play and distributing the ball effectively. His work rate and tactical discipline were commendable.

Key Moments:

  • Marcelinho’s Assist: Marcelinho’s pinpoint cross found Diego Mauricio, who headed the ball into the net to give Odisha FC the lead.
  • Roy Krishna’s Equalizer: Roy Krishna’s clinical finish leveled the score for Mohun Bagan, showcasing his predatory instincts in front of goal.
  • Late Drama: Both teams pushed for a winning goal in the closing stages, creating end-to-end action and palpable tension in the final moments.


The Odisha FC vs Mohun Bagan match was a thrilling contest that showcased the talent and competitive spirit of both teams. Key players like Marcelinho, Roy Krishna, and Diego Mauricio shone bright, leaving a lasting impact on the game. As the ISL season progresses, fans can expect more exciting matchups and standout performances from these Super Giant teams.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  1. When is the next Odisha FC vs Mohun Bagan match scheduled?
  2. The schedule for the next match between Odisha FC and Mohun Bagan can be found on the official ISL website.

  3. Who are the top goal scorers for Odisha FC and Mohun Bagan this season?

  4. The current top goal scorers for Odisha FC and Mohun Bagan can be found on the ISL leaderboard.

  5. Are there any key injuries impacting either team’s lineup for upcoming matches?

  6. For the latest updates on injuries and player availability, fans can check the official team websites or social media channels.

  7. Which television channels or streaming platforms broadcast Odisha FC vs Mohun Bagan matches?

  8. Fans can catch the live action of Odisha FC vs Mohun Bagan matches on popular sports channels or streaming platforms that have broadcasting rights for the ISL.

  9. How have Odisha FC and Mohun Bagan faired against each other in previous seasons?

  10. A detailed head-to-head analysis of Odisha FC vs Mohun Bagan matchups in previous seasons can be found on sports statistics websites or ISL archives.

This curated list of FAQs aims to provide fans with quick answers to common queries related to Odisha FC vs Mohun Bagan matches, team performances, and upcoming fixtures. Stay tuned for more exciting ISL action!

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