I am a huge advocate of personalizing definitions. People can be given a very specific definition of a word or concept, but I have found that it’s better to give people a definition they can relate with and have a good understanding of.

I’ve been guilty of this myself, especially when I talk about SEO. People get so excited about their own particular brand of SEO, I guess because they want to believe that it is their own unique approach to the art of search engine optimization. I tend to find that a lot of people think that SEO is just about being a Google-powered search engine, like the “click here to do my SEO” on the Google homepage. This isn’t true.

I can tell you from personal experience that for some people that means SEO is a way to build their very own website. I feel this is a pretty poor understanding of what SEO is, in general. It isnt about doing a specific post on a specific topic, it is about creating a page that is optimized for specific keywords and phrases. In other words, you are saying to Google that you are building a page that performs well on your particular keyword.

Again, personal experience. I know this because my first google search was for “how to build a website.” (I also wrote a blog post on SEO in general, if anyone wants to steal it. It is probably the best SEO article on the Internet.

This is just another way of saying that if you are going to build a page, you should do it with an SEO in mind. Google is always thinking about what to do with the results it receives from your page. It is important to ask yourself why you are building your page the way you are. If you are trying to rank high in search, you should also think about how you can rank high using other SEO techniques. You shouldn’t build a page for one keyword.

This is why Google’s algorithm is so very different from other search engines. The algorithm determines what links are appropriate and which ones are not. Google is also looking at the content of the page and the link patterns that you have on a page as well. I am not going to go into the whole topic of link building in this article. It is a lengthy, very informative read that can be found here and here.

Link building is a very complex topic and many things can contribute to its success on a website. Using other SEO techniques is a great way to improve your rankings for your main keywords.

But I think the most important thing, and something that many people forget, is the fact that just because a link is a good link doesn’t mean that it will help your page rank. A number of other factors are also important when determining the relevancy of a link. Links are mostly about “authority” and I believe that is the only real way to rank websites on Google.

Links are also what other search engines use to inform their decisions. If someone is linking to your website from your competition, there is a very good chance that Google will also link to your competitor. For example, if the website that you link to is linked from that of your competitor, that competition will get a lot more visibility. If your competitor has links to you website, that website will get a lot more visibility.


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