People can see saying no one comes in this world having learnt anything from mother’s womb. Technically this saying is wrong because swimming or floating is something children know about since their birth because their 9 months are spent in amniotic fluid in their mother’s womb. Hence, they are natural swimmers. In many countries newborn babies who are at least 9-10 months older are taken by their mothers to swim under observation of professionally trained people and such children enjoy there a lot. Swimming is a very healthy sport and the best exercise. Student life is a wonderful life because during this time -period a person remains always in learning mode and learns a lot of things very easily. Therefore, students can learn swimming very easily. School management system is also looking forward to making such healthy sports necessary. According to the school management system, students should also participate in stress relieving sports like swimming to stay healthy. Just like swimming, students are learning many things online and using tools like LMS portals. Through LMS portals students can learn online safely. Swimming not only keeps the body of students healthy but also improves emotional well-being. School management should consider making swimming a necessary part of the curriculum. So, let’s understand the reasons why students must learn swimming:

  • Though people don’t pay much attention to it, one should learn swimming as an important skill set which is necessary for survival too. As according to some studies, drowning is one of the most frequent reasons of death of people in whole world and learning swimming can save a lot of lives therefore. Its benefit is not only limited to self-survival but also the one who is trained in swimming can help someone from drowning and save his/her life. Having knowledge of swimming avoids water accidents.
  • However, sports are called best medium to keep students healthy and fit & fine but there are many sports which can be enumerated on fingertips which cause physically high impact to the students like rugby or cricket and many more whereas swimming has minimum impact level that too decreases when a well-trained teacher is there to guide the kids. Apart from this, students enjoy swimming because they don’t have to carry their weight in this sport. Instead, they float like fishes and every swimmer enjoys this state of weightlessness.
  •  Just like other sports it not only benefits the physical health of the swimmer. Swimming has many benefits which includes exercise of the whole body as well as mind also. A swimmer strengthens the muscles of the whole body and on the other hand, a swimmer enjoys floating with complete weightlessness and this feeling keeps the mind happy and achieves ultimate calm. Addition to this being in water keeps body temperature under control. Along with this swimming keeps flow of blood in the body good due to which the whole body gets proper oxygen and remains healthy.
  • Students who learn swimming in their early time are found to be very good in concentration level, art of speech and communication and also in the matter of self-confidence. It is also found that the students who learn swimming have very good linguistic skills. In this way swimming plays an important role in keeping the body and mind healthy.
  • This is not only a sport which keeps students physically and mentally healthy but also keeps the cardiac health fit and fine as it includes ample number of muscles around chest and lower waist and keeps flow of blood good. Apart from this the number of body parts included in swimming burns ample calories and keeps the body slim. This burning of fats keeps the body away from cardiac diseases and also from stress and anxiety. This whole process emits ample amounts of adrenaline which keeps depression away and keeps mood light.
  • Students who are members of swimming groups learn to work in a team and learn the tactics of team building. Along with this a student makes good friendships there in swimming classes where such friends are obtained who go along with this friendship for life long. This sport also develops self-confidence and raises motivation level during which the swimmer stays eager to break his or her own records every time.


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