The Logo for the new Zephyr Group’s new online store. This is the first time I’ve used an entire site, and I’m happy to report that I’m totally loving it! It’s easy to navigate and the designs are really well done. I also like that the site is very easy to update and edit. It’s a lot like using a professional designer, but without the designer’s fees and expenses.

The site is very easy to access, and the design of the logos are so well done that Im surprised there isn’t a tutorial on how to use it.

The store is open now, and the logo is available on the homepage in the shop section. There are just a few things to do to make the website look as good as it does today, but it’s worth the time and effort to take a look at it and see how good it really is.

The logo is very simple and effective. It features a very simple two-headed man with wings on his shoulders. It’s a very easy way to emphasize the website’s functionality without being too obvious.

It’s a little hard to explain very well. I tried to explain it a different way, but it’s just too much jargon to try and explain very well. Its not that hard though.

Its really a good logo to use. It can be used by any of the website developers that we work with. The simple, effective, and easy to understand. Its also one that the users will love.

This is what it looks like when you have the button click icon and click the button inside the text box. Its really not that difficult to explain. It’s actually pretty easy to do, and you don’t have to try and explain it very well.

We just went through and changed the way we were using the “buy logo” button. Instead of just using the logo, we added a small bit of text about how it helps the user sell their items. This isn’t just the logo, this is the reason why people buy a product. We wanted to give the people that are buying the item a reason to do so, rather than just looking at the logo.

I guess we wanted to highlight the fact that people can look at the logo and think, “Hmm… it’s just a logo… I wonder if this is a good thing or not.” The buy button is a pretty small part of the site, and we wanted to make it really easy for the user to see it. Our other logo changes are more subtle.

We’re in the middle of a long process of writing the logo and trying to decide what to do about it.


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