Specifications Of Matepad t10: All The Information That You Need To Know

Matepad t10

Huawei had introduced a collection of lots of smartphones, matepad, wearables, and matebook. All of their series had a great number of fame and users. Huawei is actually known for the production of great smartphones. However, it had a vast variety of these products.

Huawei company is already best known for its products but Huawei matepad t10 is the additional product that also increases its user due to its stunning technology. If you want to know more about huawei matepad t10 click on the link and grab all the desired information.

In this article, we are going to discuss all the important information about Huawei t10 and we will discuss all its stunning specifications of its. Now, let’s move into the article and check the stunning specification.

Key Specifications Of Huawei Matepad t10


  • The overall width is almost 240.2mm
  • The calculated height is almost 159mm
  • The depth is almost 7.85mm
  • Approximately the weight is almost 450g including its battery 
  •  All of these dimensions are calculated and theoretically measured 
  • All of these specifications are subjected to the actual product 


  • It is available very attractive  in its deepsea blue color


  • The display screen size is almost 9.7 inches
  • The color correction includes more the 16.7 million
  • It had an IPS-type of screen
  • Its screen resolution is almost 1280 x 800 

Operating System

  • It is based on the system on android 10.


  • The overall RAM is almost 2/4 GB
  • The ROM is almost 2/4 GB
  • You can also extend the storage space with the help of a micro SD memory card 
  • But due to pre-installed features or applications, the overall memory may be less than the given memory


  • It had a rear camera of just 5MP that had an autofocus
  • It contains an image resolution of 2560 x 1930 pixels
  • The video resolution is almost 1920 x 1080.
  • It also contains a front camera of 2MP with fixed focal
  • It contains the most effective shooting modes like professional mode, panorama, beauty, support timing photography, voice control photography, and many others.


  • Huawei matepad t10 contains 5100 mAh of typical battery type


  • It supports the  5V/1A charger.


  • It had the WLAN connection
  • Also, support Bluetooth support of 4.2
  • You can also transfer files with Bluetooth support
  • Also, contain OGT support for the maximum output
  • It contains USB and type C USB.


  • It just includes the gravity sensor


  • It just had a single microphone for calls, recording  of audio and video


  • It had the 2 speakers are embedded in it
  • It also contains 2 channel outputs.

Audio And Video

  • It had the best  Huawei listen to 7.0 sound effect with MP3 and MP4 and more
  • Video files formate include mp4 3gp


In this article, we discuss all the important information including detailed specifications of the Huawei matepad t10. Now you can buy the best and most sharp Huawei matepad t10 with its full confidence after knowing its specifications. 


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