Dog Breeds

People have worked with dogs for herding, hunting, farming, and doing other more challenging jobs in the past. Know that these breeds are specifically intelligent, powerful, and robust. They have the energy and endurance to get their jobs done efficiently.

The police selected some stronger breeds to serve as guards, military canines, and search and rescue canines. These canines have natural talents and strength to go intensive training, and they are often recognized for their bravery and service. 

If you’re looking for guard dogs, you may want to know more about the different breeds with brute strength. Know that you can navigate to this website to know more information about the ones with larger physique and more energy. It’s worth noting that if you’re planning to get a larger dog, you should be able to manage them at home, when you socialize them with others, or while they are in your home. Some of the breeds that you may be looking into are the following:

1. Rottweilers

Like any others, the Rottweilers are initially bred to pull carts and herd sheep. They serve as security dogs in the past because they have strong and big bodies. Nowadays, they still have their herding tendencies and may nudge people, small animals, and objects. They are excellent as family dogs, but they don’t usually go well with the elderly or people with kids. Their prodding can make people fall or topple over things.

2. Great Danes

Great Danes are very big breeds, but they are gentle and calm. Their personalities earned them the nickname of being a gentle giant. They were initially bred to be hunters for boars because they can usually hold their prey until their owner shows up. However, as time goes by, many have discovered that they are excellent for being a family companion. 

As their popularity increased, they were selectively bred to remove some of their tough and aggressive qualities. With this said, many know them as sweet and gentle, and they have lived well with their reputations.

3. Siberian Huskies

Many stories are well-known that involves the huskies. They were popularly known to pull heavy sleds on snowy terrains and challenging weather. They were so strong that they could pull the sleds on great distances. Aside from their brute power and strength, they were known as Chukchi dog that thrives well during winter seasons. Learn more about the traits of Siberian huskies on this page here:

These were first discovered by the nomadic Chukchi thrive, where they noticed that the canines possessed a warm winter coat that kept them warm and a commendable metabolism. They can do plenty of exercises even if the food is scarce. The Siberian husky nowadays are the direct descendants of the Chukchi dogs, and they still have the endurance, speed, and strength that made them popular.

4. German Shepherd

The German shepherds have been working canines for almost a hundred years. They have the endurance and strength in Germany to herd cattle, and they can hunt exceptionally well. They were very intelligent and were prone to extreme athleticism and competition.

Nowadays, they are more known as guide dogs for the blind, service dogs for military personnel, and canines that help search and rescue operations. They have a loving and sweet disposition that makes them an excellent part of the family.

5. Bulldogs

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You should not let their short physique and stature fool you. Bulldogs are one of the powerful canines out there, and they have a history as a fighting breed. In England, during the 13th century, they were used in a horrific sport that many knew today as bull-baiting.

During one match, they are fighting against more powerful and aggressive bulls. Their traits of being fierce and aggressive were a thing of the past due to selective breeding. Many people know them today as calm and sweet. When the sport of bull-baiting was banned, the breeders successfully softened their complex personalities, so they are now known as loving and gentle.

6. Saint Bernard

When you initially think of a Saint Bernard, you may probably imagine a hairy and big dog with its neck strapped in brandy on a mountain. This is popular because the image actually depicts these breeds to rescue lost travelers in the Swiss Alps’ snowy range

These dogs originated about a thousand years ago, and they have brute strength and a keen sense of smell that saved hundreds of people from various snowy terrains and mountains. Nowadays, they make excellent service dogs because they generally have a fierce need to protect their loved ones. 

7. Alaskan Malamute

The Alaskan Malamute is closely related to the Arctic canines, but they usually have different needs. They differ from Siberian huskies in many ways. While the Huskies are known for their endurance and speed; and they can pull sleds over a long distance. On the other hand, there’s the Alaskan Malamute that was bred for its sheer strength alone.

They have the capabilities to hunt seals, polar bears, and other prey that are powerful. Some believe that they are hybrids between wolves and dogs. However, know that they are now fully domesticated and are often loyal, loving, and sweet companions.

8. Chow Chow

Chow chow is known for its appearance that looks like that of a teddy bear. They are compact and have a long history of aggressiveness. Initially, they were considered guard dogs in the temples of China, but today, they are not loving, gentle, and fiercely loyal family dogs.


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