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You’ve come to the right place if you want to know what’s new, popular, and on-trend in men’s glasses frame styles. We know that the best pair of stylish men’s glasses will look good, fit your budget, and work with your lifestyle.

So, whether you’re a trend follower, a traditionalist, or somewhere in between, we have 5 styles for you to choose from.

In this article we have put together some of the different styles of glasses men can wear, so read on and let us show you the many ways men can look cool and stylish while seeing better.

Looking for a simple way to update your whole look without buying a whole new wardrobe? Read on to learn how to update your style by choosing from the most popular men’s glasses.

  1. Frames for clear glasses

Clear frames are almost invisible from a distance, but they have a cool vibe that we forgot about when we got used to bold-coloured frames. They have been around for a long time, but celebrities who wear them on red carpets and on late-night TV shows have made them more popular recently.

Clear frames are cool and trendy and go with any skin tone or outfit. You will stand out from the crowd if you choose clear frames for your glasses. You can buy the most trendy frames at SmartBuyGlasses UK.

2. Glasses with frames that are oversized

Big frames for glasses are a bold fashion choice. If you’re not shy and like to stand out from the crowd, this frame style will look good on most face shapes.

If you choose the right shape and colour for your face, skin tone, and eyes, your glasses will fit well and look stylish. Your style will look better with oversized frames, so get ready to be the center of attention.

One of the most eye-catching things you can wear is a pair of big frames. It’s a trend that anyone who wants to stand out must try.

3. Retro round frames

Men’s glasses with round or circular frames always make you think of John Lennon and his famous plea to give peace a chance. His long hair and thin face went well with the simple metal frames of his glasses.

Faces that are square or heart-shaped can wear round glasses frames effortlessly. They help balance out a wide forehead, but people with rounder faces tend to look better in frames that are more different, like square or rectangular.

If you want to see how stylish round glasses frames for men would look on you, you can use a virtual try-on tool online to see exactly how these stylish frames will fit. You can upload a photo, use the live camera without saving any images, or set up a call with one of our Eyewear Consultants.

4. Hipster Eyeglasses Frames

It’s one of the men’s glasses styles that sell the most. Before, they were made in a simple square shape, but when many celebrities started wearing them, they became a cultural fashion phenomenon – and a very sexy one.

If you’re a young creative person who lives in the city and wants to stand out every day, or if you like wearing a mix of styles, hipster glasses are the way to go. These glasses are for men with strong personalities because they have simple shapes, thick rims, large square shapes, edgy colours, and vintage-looking patterns.

The style is inspired by the past, so it will go well with your own personal style and keep you from looking too, well, basic. This guide to choosing hipster eyeglasses has more information about the hipster style and where it came from.

5. Clubmaster glasses frames with browlines

Men’s glasses like these classic half-rim glasses were popular back then, and now the men’s browline style is back for a reason.

Browline glasses are a must-have for a geeky, hipster look, but they can also be used for work. With a heavier top piece, they frame the face like eyebrows and add a hip vibe to almost any style of glasses.

This type of eyewear works well for people with narrow faces because it adds width with a heavy horizontal line and shortens the length by breaking up the vertical line. This style of glasses with bolder frames will help draw attention to the eyes, which will make a weak chin look smaller. Here you’ll find glasses for people with narrow faces.


If you’re looking for stylish men’s glasses, it can be like trying on suits: finding the right frames and glasses can be fun, but sometimes it can be hard to choose. This article will help you figure out which eyeglasses are the most stylish.


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