The Wedding of your Dreams: Your Guide to Planning the Perfect Day


Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. The last thing you want to worry about on your big day is how it will be planned or what you are going to wear. Riddimsaunter has created a handy guide for every step in planning and executing the perfect wedding ceremony. Reception will help eliminate some of these worries.

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Create a budget

First, The Wedding Fairy recommends that you start by creating a budget for your wedding. This will help eliminate any surprises. Also let you know if there are areas where you can cut back to stick within your budget. The Wedding Fairy suggests setting monthly goals in order to stay on track throughout the planning process. This will also provide some encouragement along the way so that you don’t feel overwhelmed or alone in this effort. The goal is not just about sticking with a number. But being realistic from the beginning when it comes to what works best for both of you financially as well as sharing information regarding family expectations and wants around funding your big day.

Buy your wedding dress in prior

When thinking about flowers, consider using potted plants instead of flowers. Because they last much longer and are more cost effective. The Wedding Fairy also recommends that you buy your wedding dress three to four months before the big day. This will allow for alterations and ensure a better fit for any weight fluctuations throughout those final weeks of planning. The same goes with bridesmaid dresses. It also suggests ordering these dresses two or even one month in advance. So they can be altered to perfection as well.

Book an officiant six months ahead of time

If possible book an officiant six months ahead of time, but if it is something that you cannot do. Then make sure that you have backup options in case someone drops out at the last minute. Because there are some churches where the wait list is quite long already. As far as invitations go, The Wedding Fairy suggests creating a guest list first by keeping track of the number of people from each side. It believes that it is best to err on the side of caution and then send out an updated list once you know for sure who will be attending your big day. The Guest List can also help with planning transportation. So make sure to keep track if there are any guests traveling a long distance or ones that may need special assistance due to health reasons such as being elderly or pregnant.

Enjoy every second of your special day

The final step in this process is making sure everyone knows what they need when it comes time for the wedding itself. The Wedding Fairy recommends sending out save-the date cards at least six months prior to getting married. Plus another reminder closer to the actual event about where everything will take place and what time you expect guests to arrive. The Wedding Fairy also has a few more tips for surviving and enjoying the big day itself. It includes making sure everyone arrives on time so that you can start your ceremony with ease. As well as staying focused in the moment by taking deep breaths if stress starts to creep up; this will help keep things calm when they are hectic. Last but not least is to enjoy every second of your special day!

Get organized.

The first step is simple: get organized. This means you’ll be keeping track of all important details, like RSVPs, invitations, gifts received and vendor contacts for future reference (and worry-free thank-you notes).

Perfectly planned agenda

The next order of business on your perfectly planned agenda should be securing the right venue for the big event. You may already have an idea about where this will take place. But it doesn’t hurt to check out options anyway just in case something better comes along. Think about location as well when choosing a date that works best with everyone involved work schedules, and any other potential conflicts.

Time management is key

Another important factor when planning your big day will be time management; The Wedding Fairy recommends starting early by creating an agenda of tasks for each week or month depending on how long beforehand you’re getting started. This way everything won’t feel like such a surprise and things can get done faster. Since there are less unforeseen problems along the way!

The most critical part here though is making sure everyone knows what they need to do. When because if something slips through the cracks then nothing else will fall into place. They suggest giving people a copy of your agenda. So that they know what to expect and when as well as setting up meetings ahead of time in order to discuss any details or concerns you might have about the big day.

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All the ideas, from registry to decor, you need to make your wedding the most perfect day ever. The wedding fairy is a perfect guide for planning the perfect, stress-free day.



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