Resumes are formal documents used in job seeking and application, it is personally written and contains all the necessary information about a certain applicant. This document is the most crucial step in building a career, this will serve as your stepping stone into building a better future. With that said, the importance of having a well-written resume goes beyond explanation. It shows an employer what you have done in the past and details your skills, training, work experience, and education. So if you are planning to write a resume for a job application, it will be best to acquire all the help you can get, and good for you the internet has it all. With just a browse and a few clicks away, you can find various professionally-made resume templates to help you build your perfect resume in no time.

To widen your choices and explorations, here are 8 resume builders that could guarantee quality resume templates, designs, formats, and more!

1. Resumehelp

Resumehelp is the best-rated resume builder of all time! With its free services, helpful tips, professionally-designed templates, and the ability to upload existing documents, its services are superb, especially knowing that all these are free. Resumehelp helps you build a resume instantly, but here’s the catch: you can also customize it and align it to your preferences. It is fast, convenient, customizable, and free!

2. Resumenerd

If you are looking for something modern, visually engaging, and useful templates, Resumenerd could be the one you are looking for. With their pre-written skills and description menu based on your written job title, they provide useful ideas to enhance your resume and build a resume based on your preferences. 

3. Canva

An application used for different visual designs and artworks, Canva could also be a big help in creating your resume. Though it does not automatically build one for you, it offers great resume templates and designs you may love. With its customizable option, you can edit every section of the resume such as the fonts, color, designs, and more!

4. Jobseeker

As easy as filling in your resume details, picking a template that embodies your style, and downloading the resume, you can accomplish a resume created for your convenience. It takes about 10 minutes or less to achieve your resume and which is why it is also the most used builder of all time.

5. Zety

With an excellent reputation they hold on to, Zety receives an excellent rating of 4.5/5 based on experienced clients. Most users are impressed by how quickly they are able to create resumes, especially given that their subscription fee is worth every penny. They create a powerfully written resume in less than 15 minutes!

6. Novoresume

If you are looking for a more convenient and traditional way of creating your resume, Novoresume is the answer. It allows the user to utilize their services for free and for more exciting and quality resumes, Novoresume charges 16 dollars monthly and doesn’t automatically renew without your permission.

7. Resume Genius

Known to be the easiest one to use, Resume Genius has gotten the attention of all job seekers because of its convenience. As easy as answering a bunch of necessary questions about personal information, education, experience, and so on, you can immediately get the resume they designed for you. Their free services are helpful and convenient (but of course, the services may be limited). Their premium subscription may hold a lot of extra services and benefits, still, both are equally helpful.

8. CakeResume

If you want to publicize your finished resume to let hiring managers see your information, CakeResume could be a great help for that. This resume builder allows users to drag and drop premade sections from the sample resume. It really is a piece of cake and that’s for sure. 


Overall, all resume builders have their own unique twist to their services, which makes them get such a hit in the market. Resumes are a crucial part of the journey of your career, so it is never bad to get all the help you can get, right? Right!


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