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This is what I’ve been saying about the Republican presidential candidates for months now. Trump and the other candidates are absolutely the most dishonest, and the most dangerous and untruthful. And we are all complicit in their despicable behavior.

Trump is a good guy, but he’s not smart enough to be the leader of the country, so he’s not the best person to lead us all into political hell. But he has to win. He’s not the worst of the bunch.

Fox News, the other Republican presidential candidate, is a different story. Not that he’s any less dishonest, though. He’s just a better, more skilled liar. He’s the most skilled liar ever to step into the Oval Office.

This is probably one of the most important points to remember about the 2016 election. That’s because it’s easy for our own opinions about these two candidates to cloud our judgment. The Republican field consists of two of the most experienced and experienced politicians ever to run for the presidency. And they’re both in their late 40s and early 50s.

So, the only way to get around this is to assume that their entire lives have been spent trying to convince people that this or that candidate is the best candidate. And then when they step into the Oval Office, they’re faced with the task of making the case that they’re the most qualified candidate, and then they’re supposed to do the same to their opponent.

The thing is that this process is often more about the person trying to convince you that they’re the best candidate than the candidate themselves. And that’s especially true when it comes to Trump and Fox News. People don’t trust that Fox News is a credible organization, and they don’t believe that the guy who created and runs that network is qualified to be president.

Trump in particular just doesn’t seem to trust Fox News in particular. He was even fired from the network he was working for, just because he was too critical of the network’s coverage of his campaign. And when he tried to run, Fox News refused him the support he needed to get the job. Fox News is one of those things that seem more and more like the Fox News we remember from the past, and yet we can’t stand up to it.

Fox News is the network that is synonymous with right-wing propaganda, but it’s also one of those networks that just can’t seem to get enough attention. They get a lot of good press from their commentators, and also get a lot of “real” news from the fact they pay for a cable news network, but they just can’t get enough attention for Fox News.

The problem is that Fox News is just a lot of talk and not a lot of substance. I mean, the stuff they have to say is just silly. But then they get to be on the news and the talk turns into real news. The news turns into entertainment. It’s like, “Well, the fact that we were on the news is no big deal because we’re still the best team in the world.

Fox News is a news network that is a great source of news. But the news can be a mess as well. It’s pretty obvious when you watch the show. Fox News is the main news source of the whole show. You can watch it in your living room, but you can watch the entire show on their website. There’s no way that Fox News is going to get any attention.


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