What all you need to know to prepare for the class 9 math Olympiad

class 9 math

Class 9 is a crucial period for the students. Students will have a hard time choosing between academics and other skill enhancement activities. So, to resolve one such problem of students, the Olympiad will be the best choice. Olympiad is a competitive exam conducted worldwide at national and international levels by ITO to identify young talents. You will be ranked based on your conceptual, problem solving, analytical, logical, and arithmetic skills. Olympiad syllabus for 9th class is formed based on the 9th class academic curriculum. Therefore, it will be the best opportunity for the students to enhance their skills without having to leave academics behind. 

Well, now what are steps to be taken to clear the Math Olympiad? How to prepare for the Math Olympiad?

Everyone wanting to attain high ranks in the Olympiad needs proper tips and guidance for the preparation of the exam. Let’s discuss the steps that need to be followed for the preparation for math Olympiad exams.

Know the Pattern 

Firstly, visit the official SOF website and know the syllabus. Though the syllabus is similar to the academic syllabus you will have to know the topics and the concepts that will be dealt with in the math Olympiad examination. Knowing the syllabus, you can plan a study schedule accordingly later based on the difficulty of the chapters. Therefore, Go through the entire syllabus thoroughly.

Understand the question paper format and the marking schemes. 

Usually, for class 9 Olympiad exams the questions will be divided into 4 sections.  

  1. Section 1 – Logical reasoning
  2. Section 2 – Mathematical reasoning
  3. Section 3 – Everyday Mathematics
  4. Section 4 – Achievers Section

Each of these sections will test your different skills in solving questions. These 4 sections together will consist of 50 questions. 

Then, get familiarized with the question types under each of the sections. Get an idea of the question pattern.

Plan a Schedule

All the exams need preparation. But while learning for the Olympiad exam along with preparation, consistency and determination are required. 

Prior to the preparation, plan a timetable and stick to it. Following a timetable makes you disciplined. Plan accordingly in such a way that you have enough time to cover all the topics, revise, practice, take up mock exams and also relax. To maintain a proper balance between the academics and Olympiad preparation of a schedule is more important and will be very helpful.

Early Preparation

Early preparations are always beneficial in examination aspects. This also increases your chances of getting top ranks in the exam. As you would have ample amount of time to practice and revise and strengthen your skills.

Cover the academic syllabus – it is very important for you to get the fundamentals strong before learning the advanced concepts which are required for the exam. Learn from NCERT books and solve the chapter back questions and strengthen the basic subject knowledge. 

Advanced mathematics – once you are done solving NCERT questions, you can switch to a book that is a level or two higher than the NCERT book and learn the advanced topics and concepts. Solving questions from the advanced books will be time-consuming and hard in the beginning but over time you will be able to solve them easily.

Prepare Notes – it is always important to take notes while learning. Especially when it comes to math, you have to take handy notes of all the important concepts and formulas and theorems. These notes will be beneficial for future quick references and for during the time of revision. 

Revise – revision is the most important phase. During revision, you can work on the topics you are weak at and convert them to your strengths. Regular revision till the day of exams will help you remember the concepts and formulas.

Extensive Practice

Previous year question papers – solving these papers will help you understand the levels of questions asked in the exam. Practising these papers will help you analyze your performance and can work on the topics that need improvement. Understanding the pattern of questions, well-ahead of the exam day you can also plan a strategy to attempt all the questions in the least time-consuming way.

Reference PaperIMO Class 9 2011 Question Paper

Mock Exams – mock exams analyze your performance and provide you with a proper report on your performance. These exams will improve your skills, and also the speed at which you solve the questions. You can work on time management by taking mock exams and improving them over time. These exams will happen the same way as the real Olympiad exam. So, when you are able to solve all the questions under the given time it will boost your confidence and make the exam ready.

Rectifying Errors

Do not omit the topics you are weak at instead work on the topics and make them your strengths. Concentrating more on your weakness will make you stronger. Finding and rectifying errors always gets you one step closer to success and ignoring the errors will push you a step farther from success. So, always rectify the errors and work smart.


You need to take study breaks and relax for a while. Relaxation helps you with improving your memory. When you take regular breaks and do not let your brain get tired your brain will retain more information. Always stay relaxed and fresh. Staying relaxed and fresh while taking mock exams or solving practice questions will reduce the chances of making silly mistakes.

Even while taking mock exams do not panic when you find it difficult to solve a question. Be relaxed and move to the next question and later you can work on similar questions and convert it to strengths.


To prepare well for the Math Olympiad Examination students need to have patience, determination and to practice problem-solving and time management. We hope that this article on What you need to know to prepare for the class 9 maths Olympiad will be of great help for the students who are preparing for the math Olympiad examination.

Practice well and attain the utmost success. Good Luck!


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