Who Are Your Competition, And What Sets You Apart?


The most important question you can ask yourself is, Who are my competitors? Who else offers the same service or product that I do? Once you know who your competition is, then it’s time to find out what sets you apart. 

  • Who Are Your Competition
  • And What Sets You Apart?
  • Who Are Your Competition
  • Who Else Offers the Same Service or Product That I Do?
  • Once You Know Who Your Competition is, Then It’s Time to Find Out What Sets You Apart.

In this post The Perez Notes will give answers for all these questions.

How competitive is the telecom industry?

And What Sets You Apart ?

So as we can see, it’s important to know both what your direct and indirect competition is doing so that you can set yourself apart from them in some way or another. This will give you a better understanding of how to market yourself properly within your industry and niche (and thus achieve more success).

Who Do You Consider Your Competition ?

The reality though, is: Perhaps like most other small businesses out there today. You haven’t really given a lot of thought to who your competition is.

Who Sets You Apart From Other Companies In The Industry?

For example: Let’s say that you own an online shoe store and as such, the direct competitors would be other ecommerce stores selling shoes (and perhaps some physical shoe retailers). However, indirect competitors could also include those offering fashion advice or those with their own blogs about style and shopping for clothes. Here are more examples: This can not only hurt your business. But will make it harder than ever before to find your target audience.

Does Your Product Deliver Exclusive Values for Customers That Others Can’t Even Come Close To Touching?

It may be difficult to imagine at the beginning. But the better you are able to define who they are and what sets them apart from other companies in their space. The easier it will become when trying to attract customers.

Who Else Offers the Same Service or Product That I Do?

Because the restaurant is so popular and well-known, it may be difficult to pinpoint exactly who their competition is.

What Differentiates Us From Them?

However, as a local business trying to expand online with an ecommerce website selling gift cards or mobile app featuring food ordering capabilities via social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Their competitors are other restaurants both locally owned and large chains from all over the country.

As a restaurant that is primarily known for their delicious food, it should be easy to determine what sets them apart from other restaurants.

Other tech startups

The way they are able to serve up mouthwatering dishes in just minutes with the speed of takeout makes them unique and convenient compared to their competitors who only offer sit down dining or longer wait times for delivery or carry out orders.

This could be other tech startups, big box retailers like Walmart or Target, travel sites such as Expedia and Orbitz. Basically any company competing with similar products/services. Find out more information on how these businesses work. So that if someone comes along asking questions about something specific about their business model it’ll give me an opportunity to talk about how you have a better solution.

And What Sets You Apart?  

Who are the best competitors to compare your business against in order to highlight certain specific selling points that differentiate yourself from them and make it easier for people who want what they’re offering to choose yours instead? Again, finding out more about their business model will help me give an example of why our product/service is unique when compared to theirs.

When you’re doing your research to find out who the best competitors are, don’t forget that it’s important to also identify the type of customer they have. Who is their business model built for? Who do they cater to and what sets them apart from everyone else in a specific niche market?

Biggest challenge

All this information will be helpful when I’m writing about who your competition is while highlighting how we set ourselves apart from them.

The biggest challenge to consider when you’re trying to figure out who your competition is, is knowing that there are other companies doing exactly what you do. Who wants to buy from a company if they can get the exact same thing somewhere else?

In order for someone to choose yours instead, it will be important for me to highlight the unique differences between our product/service and theirs.


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