The commercial real estate industry has grown significantly in recent years. It is accessible to beginners via free commercial real estate listings, but it also can withstand and even reduce inflation. 

The CRE industry was rocked by the COVID-19 pandemic, but as economies reopen, things are looking bright for 2022. 

With relatively low interest rates (despite the fact that interest rates are expected to rise due to inflation), the market is becoming appealing to many.

Commercial Real Estate Marketing Basics

Regardless of your industry of choice, the key to marketing is to identify your objectives and ideal audience. By determining your ideal client, your budget, and how you will reach your audience, you can set up a game plan.

Examining how your competitors approach their audience can give you a lot of inspiration.

You might even notice a more effective way to market yourself than the competition. Remember that you should always consider how you can set yourself apart from the rest.

Choosing Your Strategy

Laying out your marketing ideas is a great way to organize your budget, unique selling point, and metrics. When deciding on your marketing approach, you should consider having a mix of earned, paid, and owned media:

  • Earned media: This is the audience gained from free methods, including the use of search engine optimization (SEO), social media posts, press releases, etc;
  • Paid media: These are the marketing strategies that you pay for. For example, Facebook offers paid advertisements that market your brand on their platform;
  • Owned media: Your unique web property that is under your control. Websites, blogs, and social media are examples of this.

Ensuring that your marketing strategy includes all three can give your brand the most exposure. Whichever you decide to focus on depends on your marketing strategy and what fits your branding the best.

Useful Tools and Software for CRE Marketing

The commercial real estate industry has gone through a huge digital revolution. Using technology has become a large part of the marketing strategy. 

When deciding which options you’ll choose, you should think carefully, as it can cost you both time and money to switch around your marketing software.

Much of the CRE software available will help you optimize and automate mundane tasks such as contact management, email marketing, and creating property listings.

Writing Targeted Email Campaigns

Email marketing is more important than you may think. Engaging in a target email marketing campaign is a great way to engage with your potential audience with conversion-optimized copywriting

You can have conversations about their needs, teach them more about your brand story, and hopefully convert your interaction into a deal.

As you can imagine, your email’s subject line is what will grab your audience’s attention. The words “new,” “video,” “photo,” and “views” are the best words to include in your subject line to hook your client in. Emojis will also grab the attention of your readers. 

Here are some other strategies that can improve your email marketing:

  • Include the square footage in the subject line, just not at the very start;
  • Schedule your emails for the best time and frequency;
  • Put emojis in the subject line;
  • Embrace holidays and use them in subject lines;
  • Include visual media like videos and GIFs.

When in doubt, consider how engaging your email marketing strategy is. Its purpose is to have potential buyers open your emails and pursue a lead.

Using Direct Mail

Despite the increased use of technology, direct mail is still a viable option. It allows you to use high-quality graphics, enticing photos, and high-quality paper, which can make you appear more professional to some potential clients. 

Real estate postcards are a popular direct mailing option, especially since a call-to-action is typically part of the messaging.

It may be tempting to flood your potential market with your postcards, but it’s a better option to have a consistent mailing schedule to check your leads between drops.

Cloud-Based Property Marketing

There are several different platforms out there that allow cloud-based property marketing. SharpLaunch is one such platform. Using these platforms helps streamline property management, leading to faster and a greater quantity of closed deals.

Plus, these platforms allow sellers to easily manage their properties all in one place, and with SharpLaunch, it can all be done on the seller’s website. 

Having access to all your property information in one place allows you to focus less on portfolio organization and more on closing deals.

Simplifying Property Tours

Having an interactive way to showcase your properties makes it easier for potential buyers to see the property but is also engaging for users.

Virtual tours have become increasingly popular since the pandemic. They allow buyers to tour a place directly from their homes. This is accomplished either by drone footage, virtual reality, or 3D modeling.

Other engaging ways to show off property include:

  • Professional photos;
  • Video tours;
  • PDFs of the floor plan;
  • Interactive maps;
  • Clear information on availabilities.

Websites that showcase their properties with these features perform higher than those that do not.

Optimizing Your Website with Effective SEO

It’s difficult to drive leads without effective SEO. Without proper SEO on your website, you’re less likely to be visible on search engines. 

Search engines are a popular way for investors to search for potential properties, so you want to appear in their searches.

You’ll achieve proper SEO on your site by using the relevant keywords. This way, whenever investors are searching up terms like “commercial real estate services,” your website has the chance to appear. 

Here are some other key features you should consider when optimizing your website:

  • Being mobile-friendly;
  • Add page titles and headings;
  • Add meta descriptions;
  • Showcase quality content that includes relevant search terms;
  • Frequent calls to action;
  • Client testimonials.

Another aspect you don’t want to neglect is ensuring that your website’s design is appealing, easy to read, and easy to navigate. The internet has millions of websites, so users will simply just look for another if yours is frustrating to use. 


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