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A Guide to Make Your Just Sold Postcards More Effective

Real estate agents have understood that Just Sold cards are the best way to develop new business leads. So, ensuring that you stand out from the crowd and assure buyers that you may assist them similarly by demonstrating your accomplishment in the sector is crucial.

You may employ a checklist to ensure your just sold postcards are effective.

Fantastic Photographs

Including eye-catching photos in your postcard mailer is a critical strategy to ensure it attracts people’s attention.

Buyers can learn much from an image; the same is true when you use real estate photos from previous transactions to attract new sellers.

For just sold postcards, long frontal pictures that highlight the most excellent features are ideal since they are straightforward and can highlight features that connect with some of the other sellers.

Show the Previously Sold Properties

It’s crucial to be transparent about the kind of outcome you produced for your past sellers. It also gives house sellers a decent indication of what else they may be able to accomplish for their property.

The pricing information could be sufficient to convince someone to debate selling if you are distributing this promotional piece to the same zone.

You can also add more verbiage around the prices here to indicate if it is a premium record for the neighborhood or street or for how long it has been on the market. This is the perfect opportunity to brag to the other sellers joining the platform about whatever remarkable aspect of the transaction there is.

Reference Testimonials

One of the most effective motivators is customer testimonials. Reading about other people’s accomplishments has a significant impact. This is priceless to an agency.

Don’t fill the back of the postcard with pointless blather. Testimonials from clients discussing their experiences working with you should be included if you want it to be effective as a lead generator. Allow your clients to brag about their interactions with you.

As far as feasible, provide names and pictures as well. Adhere to any local laws on the display of testimonials.

Your Contact Details

What you must include, in the order of priority, is as follows:

  • Your name
  • Your mobile or cell phone number, directly
  • your photograph
  • your business’s logo
  • your web page

If you have the space, it’s crucial to include all of these, but if not, make sure you at least have the top three.

Additionally, pay particular attention to these things’ readability because it can impact how well your mailer performs. Research has shown that light text on black background reduces readability; therefore, if you use a template with light-colored text on a darker backdrop, you might consider slightly raising the font’s point size to improve readability.

Straightforward Call to Action

The most crucial component of your freshly sold leaflet is the call to action.

From the tried and tested “price evaluation” to more inventive ones like “list of pre-qualified purchasers looking for houses in your area,” this can take many different shapes. 

Offering a lead magnet, such as a brochure, leaflet, or report, can occasionally help pique sellers’ interest in learning more about the real estate market in their neighborhood.


The Just Sold cards are the most basic real estate postcard business strategy you can use to reach out to individuals in your network or on your contacts list. Most agents send out a snapshot with the caption “Just Sold.” But you can significantly boost the mail’s effectiveness by making minor tweaks and telling a narrative.

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