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Exploring the Features of Oppo A77: A Comprehensive Review

Oppo is a well-known brand in the smartphone industry that has been consistently delivering feature-packed phones to cater to the diverse needs of consumers. Among its impressive lineup is the Oppo A77, a device that boasts a blend of style, performance, and affordability. In this comprehensive review, we will delve into the key features of the Oppo A77 that make it a worthy contender in the mid-range smartphone segment.

Design and Display

The Oppo A77 features a sleek and stylish design with a metallic finish that gives it a premium look and feel. The device sports a 5.5-inch Full HD display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, offering vibrant colors and sharp image quality. The slim bezels around the display further enhance the visual appeal of the phone, making it ideal for multimedia consumption and gaming.


Under the hood, the Oppo A77 is powered by an octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor clocked at 1.5GHz, coupled with 4GB of RAM. This hardware configuration ensures smooth performance and seamless multitasking, allowing users to run multiple apps simultaneously without any lag. Whether you’re browsing the web, streaming videos, or playing games, the Oppo A77 can handle it all with ease.


One of the standout features of the Oppo A77 is its camera setup. The device sports a 13MP rear camera with an f/2.2 aperture that captures detailed and sharp images in various lighting conditions. The camera app comes with a host of features such as HDR, panorama, and beauty mode, allowing users to unleash their creativity and capture stunning photos. On the front, there is a 16MP selfie camera with an f/2.0 aperture that delivers clear and vibrant self-portraits.

Battery Life

Equipped with a 3200mAh battery, the Oppo A77 offers decent battery life that can easily last a full day with moderate usage. Whether you’re browsing social media, watching videos, or chatting with friends, the device can keep up with your daily tasks without needing frequent recharges. Additionally, the phone supports fast charging technology, allowing you to quickly top up the battery when needed.


The Oppo A77 runs on Android 6.0 Marshmallow with the company’s custom ColorOS skin on top. The interface is clean, intuitive, and user-friendly, offering a smooth user experience. The device comes preloaded with a variety of useful apps and features, including a built-in theme store, gestures and motions, and app cloning for managing dual SIM cards.

Storage and Connectivity

In terms of storage, the Oppo A77 offers 64GB of internal storage, which can be expanded further up to 256GB via a microSD card slot. This ample storage space allows users to store their favorite apps, photos, videos, and music without worrying about running out of space. On the connectivity front, the device supports 4G LTE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, and more, ensuring seamless connectivity options for users.

Other Features

  • Fingerprint Sensor: The Oppo A77 features a fingerprint sensor integrated into the home button for secure and convenient unlocking of the device.

  • Audio Quality: The device comes with a built-in audio chip that enhances the sound quality for an immersive audio experience.

  • Design Elements: The Oppo A77 incorporates design elements such as rounded edges and a slim profile, making it comfortable to hold and use single-handedly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is the Oppo A77 waterproof?
No, the Oppo A77 does not have an official IP rating for water and dust resistance. Therefore, it is advisable to keep the device away from water and other liquids.

2. Does the Oppo A77 support fast charging?
Yes, the Oppo A77 supports fast charging technology, allowing users to quickly charge the device and get back to their daily tasks without much delay.

3. Can the storage of the Oppo A77 be expanded?
Yes, the Oppo A77 comes with a dedicated microSD card slot that allows users to expand the storage up to 256GB, providing ample space for storing data.

4. Does the Oppo A77 have a headphone jack?
Yes, the Oppo A77 retains the traditional 3.5mm headphone jack, allowing users to connect their favorite wired headphones or earphones without the need for adapters.

5. Is the Oppo A77 suitable for gaming?
The Oppo A77 with its capable hardware and smooth performance is suitable for casual gaming and running most popular games available on the Play Store.

In conclusion, the Oppo A77 is a well-rounded smartphone that offers a compelling mix of design, performance, camera capabilities, and features at an attractive price point. Whether you’re looking for a reliable daily driver or a capable multimedia device, the Oppo A77 ticks the right boxes and delivers a satisfying user experience.

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